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Our Amazon photographer understands the specific requirements for every product photo that is uploaded to their site. High quality photos of the products you sell in your Amazon store are absolutely necessary for your selling success. We will deliver crisp and clean photos of your products with a focus on speed and quality at an affordable price.

Your customer’s only connection to your product is through your photographs since you are selling online. These images must give your customer a glimpse of every angle of your product so they know what they are purchasing. Don’t let poor quality photos ruin your selling potential. We believe we can provide you with excellent photos that will boost your sales for an affordable price.

Amazon allows 1 main photo and up to 8 additional photos per product you list for sale in your store. Some products may only need one main image, but some you may need all 9 images to convince the buyer they need your product. Our Amazon Photographer can help you figure out how many photos are necessary for your product listing.

Many products that we photograph have very small, but important characteristics that you want to be able to accurately show your customers. The key is to provide high quality detail and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Sometimes professional lighting and equipment are necessary to accurately show products that have texture or intricate detail. We have the ability to capture even the smallest details as well as consistently accurate color.

As our Amazon photographer completes your photos, we immediately upload them to a shared dropbox folder or google drive so you have instant access to your photos. If necessary we will retouch the photos to remove minor blemishes or dust specs that may show up in the photographs. More advanced retouching may require an additional charge so make sure to send us your cleanest products.

Check out Amazon’s product image specs here.

Amazon Photographer

Amazon Photographer

Amazon Photographer